TEAM COACHING: being successful in a group!

The biggest challenge for any team is to bring all skill levels of the individuals together to result into a mutual PEAK PERFORMANCE. This is our competency and goal.



  • Detect habit patterns which slow down or prevent individual or / and team PEAK PERFORMANCE situations


  • ONE on ONE detection of potentials
  • Individual coaching on performance development
  • Creation of “micro teams” of „individuals“ to „co-working individuals“
  • Linking and combining „micro teams“ into powerful „over-all teams“


  • Higher combined performance level
  • Less loss of time by higher efficiency
  • Support in “cultural change” (international teams, different cultures, Asian tradition – Western dynamics)

Highest efficiency:

  • As external competency we can analyse and change a lot in specific Team & Company situations
  • The need is detected by an opening seminar / workshop where HR acceptance towards change is created
  • Within 1 – 2 months a broad span of co-workers can be supported in-house.
  • With a fixed budget the cost can easily be controlled
  • Only 1 workshop plus 4 „one-on one“ sessions of each 2 hours needed (average experience value)
  • 1 session per week can always be coordinated, even in highly complex time management situations
  • Additional sessions only when clearly needed

Coaching fields are: team communication, team motivation, team performance


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