„If you want to create a PEAK PERFORMANCE you need to accept to go beyond existing limits!“

We have the drive to change things and the passion to show the individual and teams new approaches on how to create success. Success does not only depend of a master plan. It largely depends on the individual person understanding his importance of being an active part of creating success. Our coaching is always adapted to the individual need of our client as your succes is our motivation. It takes motivated people to motivate people.

That is who we are: we MOVE the MENT                                                   FOLKERT BEHRENDS | CEO & Founder MOVE-MENT


MOVE-MENT develops health, activity and motivation projects for individuals, teams and companies in order to achieve outstanding success with its clients. By analysing the clients‘ situation, determining a goal and developing a very effective strategy the set goals are accomplished. The outstanding effectiveness and measurable benefit (ROI) for the client makes MOVE-MENT a strong partner in the coaching and activities market.


MOVE-MENT Philosophy:
Competency and knowledge are fundamental for a successful cooperation. The flexibility of adapting these skills to every situation a key requirement. But the absolute identification with the set task combined with the natural drive to achieve mutual success are virtue and attitude of MOVE-MENT.

MOVE-MENT Quality:
Our clients expect excellent performance from us and we are willing to apply. Therefor we have founded the MOVE-MENT ACADEMY. We recruit coaches who have outstanding knowledge skills and educate them to be able to adapt their knowledge to the widest spectrum of set demands possible. Personal awareness and social competency are obligatory.


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