Sports and Activities Projects

Our clients have dreams and goals.
We create projects leading to successfully accomplishing
these goals by identifying and coordinating all needed skills.
We guide and educate you to the next level.

A project includes (example TRIATHLON)

  • ROAD MAP: the long term projection of your overall development
  • DYNAMIC PYRAMID: it shows up which skills need to be developed
    on middle / weekly basis
  • PROGRAMS: weekly tailor made programs with daily contents
  • AVAILABILITY PLANS: you tell us your availability and
    we apply to your time management
  • VIDEO LIBRARY:  tutorial videos according to your project
  • COMMUNICATION: SKYPE calls to ensure close and personal attention
  • ON HANDS COACHING: the direct transfer of knowledge and
    skills with your MOVE-MENT coach at your side

Numerous personal bests and successfully executed projects
give us the confidence to offer you outstanding sports and activities projects


We develop, organize and execute your sports and activities event.
Starting with the sign-up and logistic organisation we design a concept
to successfully execute an outstanding experience.
We have the knowledge and man power.

Browse some past events:

  • TECHBIKERS charity ride Hamburg – Berlin (40 cyclists / 3 days / 420 km)
  • TECHBIKERS charity ride Posnan – Berlin (40 cyclists / 3 days / 400 km)
  • TECHBIKERS charity ride Paris – London (70 cyclists / 3 days / 390 km)
  • RAAM Metafinanz GmbH TEAM „Race Across America“ 5000 km cycling in 7,5 days (upfront skill coaching)

Coming up

  • TECHBIKERS 2017 Prague – Berlin
  • C-LEVEL Ride NORTH 2017 Hamburg – Berlin
  • C-LEVEL Ride MID 2017 Frankfurt – Nürnberg
  • C-LEVEL Ride SOUTH 2017 Zurich – Munich
  • Bike Camp Fuerteventura March 2017

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