***Please note that not all clients may be named in full length or at all due to privacy policies


André Andonian Managing Director McK. & Co. Inc. ***

  • Identifies restrictions which limit full potential with highest exactness
  • Very precise identification and execution of set tasks which generates results with minimum effort and maximum output
  • Highest recognition of situations and awareness towards client


Katharina Wolff Founder & CEO D-LEVEL GmbH

  • working with him creates life changing moments
  • the best motivator you can have
  • he is a true sparring partner in matters of leadership, team buildung and personal performance power building


Harald R. Fortmann Executive Partner five14 GmbH

  • Focused, straight and honest
  • Ability to identify peak performers who will drive the company’s future
  • Adapts himself and his methods according to the given situation


Ulrich Hegge VP Strategic Market Development DACH / APPNEXUS

  • Highly professional and accurate
  • Very secure and motivating work approach with the client
  •  Excellent communication


Rainer Göttmann CEO Metafinanz GmbH

  • Excellent content and experience
  • Listens closely to his client and is very interested on what is demanded
  • Shows solutions by knowledge, experience and best practice


Julia Kitzinger VP WIRECARD Global Sales GmbH / Digital Commerce

  • Best motivator, brings / pushes you to levels you have never experienced before
  • Gets the best out of every individual and situation
  • Charismatic and empathic reaching every different individual character


Jan Bechler Founder & CEO Finc3 GmbH

  • Highly professional
  • Highest expectation towards own service quality
  • Always a maximum take away for the client


Martin Orthen CEO 55BirchStreet GmbH

  • Strongly reflective approach with awakening content
  • Very clear detection of potentials followed by targeted, problem solving communication
  • Highly inspiring


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